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I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spark; I love finding out how to put my business ideas into action. As I’ve learned more about social inequality and poverty, I’ve come to realize that kids with different backgrounds may not have the means to try out an entrepreneurial idea. I’d like to address that inequity. 


WHAT WE DO: Help interested children host lemonade stands! We will provide materials and teach the kids the basics of pricing, buying supplies, advertising, and customer service. 

This site also includes interviews of other young entrepreneurs (especially those who have experienced obstacles) to learn the things they did to get where they are. 

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My mission

I have always been very interested in business and entrepreneurship and I have always wanted to teach others how to make money. Throughout my life I’ve made money in simple ways, such as shoveling driveways, babysitting and buying and reselling clothes and shoes. However, the most efficient and fun way I’ve ever raised money is by doing lemonade stands.  My organization will work to sponsor lemonade stands for other kids so they can make some money and learn a thing or two about entrepreneurship

My organization will sponsor these lemonade stands by giving the kids the tools such as lemons, sugar, etc. We will have a website where someone can sign up for a date, time, and location. On the day, I or someone will be going to this location and start helping them set up.

Once it is all set up and ready to go, it's the kid’s job to sell the lemonade. This will give the kid a good working experience and a great opportunity to make money.

The goal of this organization is to give  kids a good opportunity to work hard and make a lot of money. The cash that they will generate can be extremely useful to them which is why I wanted to do this. I want to give everyone an equal shot at making money. Currently, to make money, a lot of the time you have to spend at first. Not everyone can afford to spend so that's why we will be taking care of that part of the lemonade stand. Hopefully, these kids making money in a fun way will spark their entrepreneurial juices.


Our Educational

During the offseason (late fall-early spring), Lemonade Launch will provide education on entrepreneurship. In starting this organization, I wanted kids to learn how to be an entrepreneur in a hands-on way by learning through doing. However, this becomes hard when it’s cold outside so during this time of the year, Lemonade Launch will provide small informational sessions with interested kids about how to become an entrepreneur and grow their businesses. Lemonade Launch also has a blog, where we will share helpful tips and interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

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How We Work

Case Study

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At 3 o’clock on a Sunday, my friend and I set up our first lemonade stand. We walked to the local grocery store and purchased lemonade mix, lemons, and water. In total, it cost 7 dollars. We then walked home and got to work making the lemonade. We poured the water into a pitcher, then added the lemonade mix and mixed it. At first it was too sour so little by little we added sugar until it was sweet enough. We then sliced up the lemons and put them in the pitcher and we were ready to go. After that, we carried a small folding table, cups, and our lemonade to our location and set up.

We set up next to a country club because we knew there would be a lot of foot traffic and people with lots of money. This plan was successful and we made a total of 67 dollars over two hours. It was a very fun experience and an easy way to make money. Lemonade Launch takes 15% of the revenue from the stand so my friend made 57 dollars and the company took 10 dollars. Overall, it was a very enjoyable time and we made lots of money quickly.

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